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Welcome to Salon Envy. We are here to help make your wedding day the best experience ever!

This bridal hair/makeup contract will assist in making your expectations clear and allow us to provide you with the best professional experience possible. Please complete and submit the contract via email or in person. Once we receive your contract, a consultation will be arranged via phone call or in person at the salon. We will determine the cost of services at the time of consultation. All consultations are free of charge. A 50% deposit will be required before your wedding appointments are reserved.


Thank you for choosing Salon Envy. Looking and feeling your best on your wedding day is our number one priority.

Paula Blais, owner Salon Envy

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Bridal and Wedding Party Experiences

(All prices are per person)




In Salon


On Location

Bride 75 95
Attendants/ MOB/ MOG 65 85
Flower Girls (age 15 and under) 30 35





In Salon


On Location

Bride 50 60
Attendants/ MOB/ MOG 40 50
Flower girls 15 20



*Note that false eyelashes are available for an additional $5 per person.

*Lips typically need refreshing before heading down the aisle. Be sure to keep a favorite on hand.



A 50% deposit and signed contract must be submitted following your consultation to Salon Envy to secure appointment dates.

Balance of contract must be paid in full by cash or credit card seven days prior to the event date. Salon Envy reserves the right to release any remaining appointment dates if contract balance is not received within the required time frame.

There will be an additional 20% fee added to final cost for weddings being held on Sundays.


Travel Fees

A minimum package of $200 is required for on-location services.

Salon Envy will travel to any location within 30 miles of the salon’s location without any additional fees.

Wedding locations outside the 30-mile radius will require the addition of travel fee of $40.. Any required parking fees are the responsibility of the contract signer.


Cancellation Policy

Cash, check or credit card is required to reserve appointment dates; Salon Envy accepts all major credit cards.

Deposit is non-refundable if contract is cancelled less than 30 days prior to the appointment date. Refunds are not provided for members of the wedding party who miss their appointment on the day of the event.

Should the stylist be unable to perform the services as agreed, all fees will be refunded.


Trial Run

A trial run is recommended for the bride to determine which style is best suited or desired. This needs to be booked at least 30 days prior to the wedding day.

Based on availability, the actual appointment can be up to one week before the wedding day. The trial will take place in the salon. There is a separate cost for the trial which is not included in contract and is not part of the consultation.




Wedding Date:                                                                                                    Bride’s Name:                                                                                                                  Address:                                                                                                             City:                                                                 State:               Zip Code:                    Phone:                                                                 


Preferred method of contact:            Phone         Email          Text

Sign below to allow your photos on

Photographer Name:                                                                                      

Photographer Email:                                                                                      


Wedding Day Information


Deadline time for hair/makeup completion:                       a.m./p.m.

(Note: Please allow time for driving, dressing, and photographs) Location of hair/makeup services on wedding day:





City:                                                         State:             Zip Code:                  

Phone: (        )                                                              



Name and Services Requested

Bride:                                                              Service(s) being requested



Maid of Honor:







Flower Girls:





Other notes and special requests:




Wedding Day Logistics and Requirements

On the wedding day, hair/makeup will be done following a schedule in order to make sure the ceremony commences on time. The bride must communicate to all bridal party members the importance of being on time and properly prepared.

Every person getting their hair done must appear with clean, blow-dried hair.

Upstyles: To better help you prepare, it is recommended that you wash your hair the day prior to the styling. Limit the use of products to a styling cream or mousse applied to wet hair prior to blow drying. Do not use straightening iron if you plan to have curls or an updo.

The stylist will not allow time for blow-drying unless it is part of the previously determined styling plan. If a member of the wedding party appears with hair that is not properly prepared, extra charges will incur (if time allows) or the style will not be completed and the charge will still apply.

Makeup: All members receiving make-up will appear with clean, makeup free skin. The stylist will not allow time to remove makeup on members of the wedding party. Any member of the wedding party appearing with makeup that has to be removed will delay the completion of hair and makeup for the wedding party. Adhesive eyelashes are available for an added fee. It is recommended that Makeup recipients supply their own lipstick.

The bride must confirm and commit to the number of styles and makeup looks stated above. Charges will include all people stated above.

The bride (or designated representative) will be responsible for preparing an area for the stylist to set up when on location. The area needs to be near an outlet with minimal traffic. Good light is helpful and maximizes the stylist’s ability to provide an excellent experience. If services cannot be performed due to conditions or tardiness, all fees still apply. The stylist will not be liable for any injuries that should arise while on-location.


I,                                                                                  (print name) understand and agree to all the conditions and policies stated in this contract.


Bride:                                                                                        Date:                                                


Salon Representative:                                                                                              Date:                                               


(The following to be filled out by Salon Envy)


Travel fee? $             Total service cost: $                                 Sunday wedding?            (+20%)

Deposit (50%):  $                                      


Amount of balance due $                                 on                /            /            

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